Thursday, April 9, 2009

Guest comments from the Mountain Press

One of our guests wrote this to the editor of the Local newspaper, The Mountain Press.

Apr 09, 2009


Lately, there have been several letters written regarding our poor hospitality towards tourists. I would like to give two examples of outstanding service and kindness given in our area.

This past Monday my family and I went to Dollywood. I am confined to a wheelchair due to a knee injury. We went inside Dolly's Museum and were greeted by a very friendly woman by the name of Karen. She assisted me inside and stayed with us for several minutes. 

I had to go to the ladies room and since it was very difficult for me to get to the nearest one quickly, she came to check on me. She escorted me back to the museum and made sure I rejoined my family safely. She was so warm and friendly, we will make sure to go visit her again soon. 

Another outstanding event happened with my sister and her family who were here visiting from Illinois for the past week. We made reservations for them to stay at the Oak Haven Resort in Sevierville. We reserved a beautiful two-bedroom cabin. 

Two days before they arrived, they received a call from the resort informing them that they had upgraded the cabin to a three-bedroom with a game room. When they checked in, they were upgraded again to a five-bedroom, three-floor cabin with a game room, for the same price as the two-bedroom was. 

This was the most beautiful place I have ever seen. We will definitely recommend Oak Haven Resort to all of our family and friends who visit the area. 

Both of these incidents confirm there are good people with big hearts in this area.

Pamela Halstead

Thanks Pamela and we will look forward to seeing you and your family again in the future.

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